Sunday, November 15, 2009

So you may have been wondering........

........ what is this all about? Well, coming soon - we're going to be switching over to our online store which will feature gear and products designed to help athletes like you to GET FASTER BY RECOVERING BETTER.

We will have the best recovery products from manufacturers like Zoot, Zensah, Pacific Health Laboratories, Qoleum, TriggerPoint Therapy, Nubound, RecoverGear, and more.

This aspect of an athlete's training program should not be overlooked - as 'Recovery' is where the training is 'realized' by your body as it adapts and rebuilds from the stress and overload of training. Our products will provide a benefit to the athlete in that they will be able to reduce their recovery time and maximize the rebuild cycle.

We'll be selling products that are tried and tested by actual athletes (like us) who train and compete. If we don't use it - we won't sell it. That's our promise to you.

So check back soon - we should be up and running SOON!
Thanks -
Sean and Stephanie

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