Monday, February 22, 2010

12 Hours of Santos - Race Report

This past weekend was the 12 Hours of Santos race held at Santos Trails (in the Vortex Pit) near Ocala, FL. Team RecoverBetter was represented strong by Tony "The General" Janik, Scott Pavao, and myself (Sean Crichton). We got down there on Friday afternoon in time to snag a killer spot right along side of the trail. It was a perfect spot to set up our pit area - this way we could just roll right through and grab food and a bottle and head right back out. We had some perfect weather - mainly in the 70's during most of the day and probably got down into the low 50's once the sun went down. The race went great and everybody got in a solid day of riding.

Tony J. a.k.a The General rode like a man possessed and pumped out 15 laps to finish 7th overall - BIG TIME PROPS!! Here is Tony heading out for one of his 15 laps....
TJ looking focused......

Here is me finishing up one of my laps. Probably in mid-day sometime. It definitely started to get a little warm.

This must be close to the night-laps because I'm already sporting my lights -

I'll save you the lap for lap details, but let's just say that it was a long day in the saddle and it was awesome. I ended the day with a solid 11 hrs and 13 minutes of riding for 13 laps. The Garmin showed 97 miles but I think some of the tree cover threw that off because it was an 8mile lap (8x13 = 104?!?) ...... Pretty stoked anyway. I actually made it in before the 9:30 pm cutoff and I could have gone out for one more lap, but at that point - I was cooked. My stomach felt like I had an alien about to pop out. I've gotta get the nutrition thing nailed down. (Hey....MARNI!!!!!!) It's funny how you experience so many different emotions when you're out there just riding along. I definitely experienced some highs and some lows. I guess for my next race, the Cohutta 100 I'll have a little better idea of my nutrition & pacing plan. This endurance-mtb stuff is a whole new ball game compared to XC racing.

Here's my homeboy Chad P. - putting a hurting on the 12hr Base Solo class -- 3rd place!!! Solid 12 laps.

- Rb -

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  1. RAD! I am contemplating a 12 hour solo race this year!