Monday, March 1, 2010

Results, Upcoming Events, and Training Update

Big congrats to Radulian Pop for 2nd Place yesterday in the Cat 3 road race held in Tallahasse. It was a 60 mile race (10 mile laps with 2 miles of dirt roads). Radd has been tearing it up on the road this year and will be definitley a force to reckon with in the Cat 1-2 class later this year!

Also, Chad Parker had a solid race out in Arkansas at Round #2 of the National Ultra-Endurance Series. 6th place in Age Group / 43rd Overall -- Not too shabby especially considering the guy has about 1 month of actual training under his belt and he just came off of the 12 Hours of Santos the week before!

Upcoming Events / Races -
Training Update -

The weekend started off nice and mellow with an ez ride on Friday. I got out of work a few minutes early and was able to hop on the bike for the last few minutes of daylight.

I'm definitely looking forward to daylight savings time. On Saturday - we had some rain as expected so it was an hour on the rollers with some intervals to help pass the time.

Finally, on Sunday the weather cooperated. I was able to head out on the bike for a killer day of riding. I ended up going south down to Marineland. I turned around and realized how much of a tailwind I had actually had. Let's just say it was a brutal 2hrs and 45 minute return trip. At some points - it was 14-15 mph with 190 bpm.

For recovery from this ride - I went straight to the Ultragen . This stuff did the trick. I also made sure to stretch out really good and even knocked out some rolling on the Grid. And, then it was time for my Zoot CompressRx Recovery Tights. These things are great! I wore mine for about 2 hours later on in the night. They always help my legs feel fresh. I love these things.

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